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Cape Town Plain T-Shirts

Get Quality Plain T-Shirts In Cape Town Direct From The Manufacturer At Very Low Prices

Introducing T-Shirts Cape Town your T-Shirt Wholesalers Cape Town. You’ve come to the right place if you want quality, Plain T-Shirts in Cape Town at low prices. here at Cape Town T-Shirts, we supply a wide range of T-Shirts At Wholesale Prices in Cape Town. For charity events. Corporate uniforms, or to show off custom designs and prints. We also offer T-Shirt Printing in Cape Town that will print those unique designs. For more options you can also check out our Polo Shirts, Hoodies and Sweatshirts.

Plain T-Shirt Workwear

At T-Shirts Cape Town, we supply quality tees. Take a look at our selection of Plain T-Shirts For Sale in Cape Town. Our t-shirts are guaranteed to make your group or event look professional. Unformity in the workplace creates a sense of belonging. But formal wear isn’t always ideal. Getting your staff cool tshirts to wear on t-shirts friday could be the best thing to do. Whether you run a garden center. Restaurant, a warehouse, or delivery service. T-Shirts Cape Town can supply you with t-shirts that fits the mood and message of your business.

T-Shirts Cape Town also sell branded clothing, hats, workwear, personal protective equipment (PPE) products, schoolwear, specialized packaging, corporate gifts, and sportswear.

Plain t-shirts are often thought to be of lower quality. Than more expensive, Branded t-shirts. But, this is not the case with our selection of tops and tees. T-Shirts Cape Town  have great relationships with top T-Shirt Manufacturers in Cape Town. So we not only sell plain tees at wholesale prices, but we can also make low-cost t-shirts for people to wear every day. You might be hosting a one-time event. Like a conference, festival, corporate away-day. Or school field trip and want to give guests and delegates something to remember the event by. Let us supply you some t-shirts that they’ll be proud to wear.

Plain T-Shirts For Sale in Cape Town

From Long-Sleeved T-Shirts to Short Sleeved T-Shirts. Tees with V-Necks, Crew Necks and Round Necks. Available in dozens of colors, T-Shirts Cape Town can help you find the perfect t-shirt tone. We have shirts in all sizes, from small to 2X large. you can order them in different quantities to save the most money. If you want logos, brand names, or any other design printed on the base T-shirt. T-Shirt Suppliers Cape Town have the tools to make it happen.

T-Shirts Cape Town Info

Having a quality t-shirt for both men and women is a must. Casual fashion is built on the foundations of this type of clothing. A customized design is all that’s needed to take things to the next level of profitability. Premium printing and clarity are enhanced by the smooth surface provided by the t-shirt. Available in a Lightweight 145gsm. Midweight 160gsm and Heavyweight 180gsm with a fabric choice of either polycotton or 100% Cotton.


Fabric Options

T-Shirts Cape Town supply T-Shirts in 100% cotton Cotton as well as 100% Polyester T-Shirts (30/70). Please note that always buy a size bigger with cotton as the t-shirt shrinks. With Polyester there is no shrinkage.

Side Seemed

Side Seemed

Our T-Shirts are Side Seemed for a more tailored fit on the body with double stitching on the hems and sleeves for added strength.

Shoulder Tape

Shoulder Tape

On all our t-shirts, shoulder seams are reinforced with Shoulder tape, which also helps the back of the t-shirt to maintain its shape and resist as much stretching as possible.

Ribbed knit collar

Ribbed Knit Collar

The collar is made with ribbed yarn, which gives the t-shirt a highly elastic quality and helps it to keep its shape.

Cotton Or Polycotton?

Helpfull Tips & Info

Polycotton as workwear is the best option because it’s both cheaper and stronger. In terms of comfort, the higher the percentage of polyester. The less comfortable the garment. Cotton is a natural, soft fiber, whereas polyester is abrasive and harder. Polyester improves the shrinkage, durability, and wrinkling profile of cotton when blended.

Polyester fabric is resistant to environmental conditions. Making it ideal for long-term outdoor use. At the end of the day, a 100% cotton garment. Will feel extremely comfortable on the wearer, but it will not be as strong as a polycotton garment. A garment made of an 80/20 polycotton blend is durable but not breathable or comfortable. A polycotton blend of 65/35 percent provides the wearer with a balance.

Kevin McEwan
Kevin McEwan
I would like to thank the owners of this company for their honesty and integrity. We've been working with them for years now, and they have always delivered on time, quality merchandise, and genuinely good service.
Bevan Fransch
Bevan Fransch

T-Shirt Printing Cape Town

T-Shirts Cape Town offer four types of T-Shirt Printing in Cape Town which are Direct-To-Garment (DTG). Screen Printing, Heat Press and Embroidery. A brief explination of each print method provided below.

SPScreen Printing on T-Shirts

With Screen Printing on T-Shirts in Cape Town, we use a light-sensitive emulsion. Designs are digially etched onto mesh screens in screen printing. Ink is then pumped through the mesh screen and onto the fabric, where it gets cured at high temperatures. Each color in the design requires it’s own screen. Your design will come to life once all the screens get printed.

DTGDirect-To-Garment Printing on T-Shirts

Direct-To-Garment printing, or DTG printing. Is a technology that involves printing a digital picture directly onto T-Shirts. Imagine it as a gigantic inkjet printer, but one that works on clothing instead of paper. The results is an image that is not only colorful but also durable and washable.

EBEmbroidery Printing On T-Shirts

Embroidery on T-Shirts Using embroidery equipment with multi-heads. Designs and logos get embroidered onto the fabric of the garment. Each head has the capacity to store up to 9 different colors. The price for designs with several colors is the same as the price for designs with a single color.

HPHeat Transfer on T-Shirts

Heat transfer printing, sometimes referred to as thermal printing. Thermal-transfer printing, and thermal-wax transfe. Is a printing technique that enables us to imprint a design onto a t-shirt using heat and press force. Wax-based images get transferred to t-shirts using this method.

T-Shirt Printing Cape Town Prices

In Order To Quote On Printing We Need

It’s important to note this: To give you a quote on branding WE NEED the following information. T-Shirts Cape Town need the ORIGINAL ARTWORK design and IT MUST BE in a VECTOPR FILE FORMAT which is ,pdf .ai. cdr. We cannot quote on artwork that’s WhatsApped. This is because WhatsApp has its own file compression software. That reduces the quality of the file. T-Shirts Cape Town also need to know the positioning of the artwork as well as size provided below is an idea of what we are looking for.

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